Virtual administration for your network is available! We have the tools and expertise to lighten your on site load.


Virtual Chief Information Officer

Establishing Technology Direction is critical to the success and business health of an organization.  Many companies turn to thier “CIO” or “CTO” to provide that direction.  These positions fetch salaries in the hundreds of thousands of $$$ per year, which is not cost effective for many companies.  MCC can provide you with the services of a CIO or CTO via a time slice model which makes it far more affordable, while providing you with the skills and direction that can benefit your business.

Virtual Information Security Officer

Companies still live in a dangerous world!  Data breaches and hacking intrusions still occur every day.  A full time Information Security Officer can severely impact your staffing budget.  MCC can provide you with Information Security Officer services, that address issues and exposures, at a fraction of the cost of a full time ISO.  We can come in and review your security program, and work with your team to remedy your exposures.

Virtual Network Administrator

Connectivy for your organization is key.  Do you feel that your network (LAN, WAN, and Web) is mature and stable?  MCC is prepared to be part of your Networking team to provide a clear and easy to understand plan to streamline a very critical component.  We can also work to fix existing problems that create outages and performance issues.